Aikaterini D. Vasileiou

Our office is fully equipped with the latest and advanced computer systems and software.

All files and documents are archived both in electronic and hard copy.

The archives of the former notary Maria Rachovitou – Petrotou are held in her office, under appointment by the Ministry of Justice ad can be provided upon request.

We also undertake the drafting of cohabitation agreements, consensual divorces, power of attorneys, affidavits, loan agreements and we draw up child recognition deeds and deeds for medically assisted human reproduction.

Our personnel are consistently up to date with the latest legislative developments and therefore we offer immediate and accurate services to settle our client’s affairs.

We are guided by the best interests of our clients and our first concern is to secure the best possible outcome of your affairs as soon and as efficiently as possible.

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Specialty Divisions:

In general

  • Power of attorney
  • Affidavits
  • Loan agreements
  • Copyright
  • Documents of submission of documents for obtaining a certain date
  • Taxi License transfers
  • Unsealing and home inventory reports
  • Treasury box inventories
  • Ship/aircraft transfers
  • Calculation of objective values
  • Tax declarations

Real estate

  • Real estate sales
  • Gift deeds
  • Donations
  • Agricultural leases
  • Real estate distribution
  • Exchanges
  • Recommendations of horizontal - vertical property
  • Contracts
  • Pre-agreements

Corporate Law

  • Company recommendations through one-stop service
  • Transfers of company shares
  • Amendments / codifications of articles of association
  • Conversions
  • Recommendations of institutions
  • Corporate dissolutions
  • Representation at the General Assembly of sole proprietorships
  • Drafting statutes
  • Mergers

Inheritance Law

  • Writing a public will
  • Submission of a secret testamentary will
  • Deeds of acceptance of succession
  • Deeds of last will and testament
  • Inheritance distribution acts


  • Civil Partner
  • Divorces
  • Child identification acts
  • Acts of consent for medically assisted human reproduction


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